Family hotels in Obertauern

For more than 500 years now, the Lürzer name has stood for hospitality in Obertauern. As a family business, several generations work together under one roof – towards a common goal. This creative diversity is essential to our mindset and actions which are based on our roots, innovation and modernity equally.

The personal and cordial support for our guests is just as important as the appreciation of our staff and the preservation and strengthening of our region – with all its nature and beauty.

From a family-run hotel to an Alpine resort

The name Lürzer was first mentioned in writing in the year 1218. In 1506, the Lürzer Family received a crest from King Maximilian I.

We carry this family crest proudly into the future. Our heraldic animal, the unicorn, also symbolises that almost nothing is impossible in Obertauern.

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